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Experienced Winter Haven Personal Injury Firm Fights for Victims

Accomplished Florida accident attorney helps clients obtain compensation

If you’ve been hurt because of another’s negligence, your injuries and the financial implications can be overwhelming. The Florida law firm of Amy Elizabeth Smith P.A. serves the Winter Haven area and is of counsel for Jiles Law, P.A. in a variety of personal injury cases. With nearly 15 years of experience as a trial lawyer, Amy Elizabeth Smith understands the stress people who have been injured face and works hard to get them fair compensation.

Seeking positive outcomes through skilled, high-quality representation

When you’ve been injured, you need the help of a skilled attorney who will look out for your best interests at the negotiating table or in the courtroom. People choose our firm because we are:

  • Aggressive litigators — We know how to fight for our clients’ rights against tough opponents. We’ll fight for you.
  • Effective settlement negotiators — Sometimes the better path to settlement is at the negotiating table. We are strong and effective negotiators.
  • Confident in our abilities — We work on a contingency basis, so if we don’t win your case, we don’t get paid. Our experience in personal injury gives us the confidence to be assertive in standing up for you.

You can rely on Amy Elizabeth Smith P.A. to have the right combination of tenacity and compassion for your personal injury case.

Responsive and effective representation in personal injury claims

If you suffered a personal injury, you should know that Florida has a four-year statute of limitations from the date of the injury for filing. Our firm handles a variety of cases, including:

  • Motor vehicle accidents — Thousands of people are involved in car accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents every year in Florida. We seek compensation for victims that covers their resulting medical and other expenses now and in the future. Our firm also handles cases of pedestrians and bicyclists who have been struck by motor vehicles.
  • Recreational boating accidents — When people operate boats under the influence of alcohol or drugs, drive unsafely or otherwise violate laws, a day on the water can result in a serious boating accident. Our firm can explore the circumstances to determine what led to the accident and hold the negligent operator accountable.
  • Premises liability — Whether you were bit by a dog or suffered injuries in a slip and fall, if you were harmed on someone’s property because they failed to provide a reasonable standard of care, we can explain how Florida law applies to your case and provide valuable assistance.

Our firm also handles wrongful death cases to help those who have lost a loved one because of another’s actions or inaction.

Contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Florida for a free consultation

Amy Elizabeth Smith P.A. in Winter Haven, Florida is dedicated to helping personal injury victims obtain the compensation they deserve. Call us at 863-210-2050 or contact us online for a free consultation.